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10s in blackjack

A starting hand of a pair of 10s in blackjack is one of the most desired positions to be after the first round of cards, even if youíre only playing through your free casino online bonus.

You would never hit on this total because only an Ace could improve your hand, the rest of the cards would force you to bust.

Apart from standing, the only other option you have on 10s is to split the two cards. This can be done in blackjack whenever you are dealt a pair. It will cost you an extra stake to form what will become two different independent hands. A card will be then randomly chosen from the pack to pair up with the 10 in each new hand. It is possible to win twice as much as your original starting stake, but on the other hand, you could also end up losing more than you normally would.

Although on some occasions in the game splitting your starting hand can get you out of a dilemma, if you are unsure about what decision to make, this is not the case with 10s. The problem with doing it here is that you are ripping up a readymade hand. If you donít get the right run of cards you may struggle to better or even match 20 again. It is therefore not worth the risk to find out. This total will come out on top more times than not so it is best to declare it and ask the dealer to beat you.

If you split your cards too often, it can lead to you drying up your bankroll quicker than you normally would. Only do so if you are convinced it will benefit you.


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