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A Beginners Guide to Online Slots

Slot machines are such an easy and simple way to bet online itís the reason why they are one of the most popular types of online games. There are some incredible stories of ordinary people whose lives are changed forever by a lucky streak on the slots.

Check out these top tips for winning when it comes to online slot machines.

Understand the game

The general idea of a slot machine is you insert your coins, press the button to spin the reels and then see if you win or lose. The online version has the same principle, except you usually need to set up an account before you play.

Lady luck

The reason slot machines are so popular is they are simple. This means that luck plays a great part in winning. But just because luck is important doesnít mean you canít use strategies to increase your chances of winning.

Try before you buy

One tactic is to play the slot machine for free before you play for cash. Find a game you enjoy and play it ten times. Count how many times you win, then work out the odds. For example if you find a game that lets you win 3 times out of the total 10 you played, you can guess you have a roughly 3-in-10 (or 30 per cent) chance of winning when you choose to play for cash. Play Rainbow Riches for fun and great rewards.


Play for low money

Once youíve found a game with decent odds for free try out the game for small amounts of cash. If you are getting the same number of wins, or even better, when you play for small amounts of cash at Wolf Run Slots at Kerching- compared to when you pay for free, then you should be onto a good game to play.

Try for the big win

Once you are confident you know how to play and what to look for in a game you could be ready to try progressive jackpot slots. These are popular because they have big payouts but the same rules apply as for the normal online slots you will be used to.

Try something new

There are a few options when it comes to online slots. You could try multiple pay lines where if you win one of up to nine possible lines you get the prize. However, sometimes you need to make a maximum bet in order to qualify. You get more chances to win, but normally you will need to put more money in the game.

Multiply your luck

The last common type of game is the multiplier. In this game the payout gets bigger the more cash you put in.


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