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Blackjack Jackpot

To win more money at Unibet blackjack you need to fully understand the game and all its subtle nuances. While there are many strategies you can follow, the simplest solutions are often the most effective.

Before we outline some key concepts you need to bear in mind whilst at the blackjack table, itís important to outline the basics of the game.

Every game of blackjack begins with an opening bet. This bet must meet the minimum requirements and not exceed the maximum. In most live casinos the minimum bet will be around $10, whilst at the majority of online casinos it will be around $1. This fact actually opens up an important strategy consideration: bankroll management.

To be a successful gambler you need to control your finances and this means you canít play in games that are too expensive. Thus, when sitting down you always need to consider the minimum bet and how it relates to your bankroll rules.

Once youíve placed your bet youíll be given two cards face up while the dealer will deal themselves one card face up. At this point you can either stand or hit with the intention of making a total as close to 21 as possible or one that you feel will beat the dealer.

Considering this part of the game we can look at another important strategic principle: the dealerís card. The value of the dealerís card should influence whether you stand or hit in most cases. If they have a strong card - such as an ace or ten Ė then you should be more willing to hit. In contrast, if they have a week card you should be standing more of the time.

In addition to being able hit and stand, you can double or split your cards. These moves give you the ability to put more money into the pot when youíre in an advantageous position. However, these moves should be used at the correct times Ė i.e. doubling when you have a starting total of 11 and splitting when you have a pair of tens Ė in order to make more money.

Overall, blackjack is a simple game to master and if you can pay attention to the amount youíre risking, as well as the dealerís card, you should find yourself winning much more money during each session.


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