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Online Casinos - Playing Safe

The internet era has revolutionized the way that we play games and entertain ourselves. Nowhere is this more clearly shown than with the success of the online casino industry over the last decade. Unfortunately, with money to be made, some casinos are rather less scrupulous than others. So how do you distinguish an industry leader like the SkyVegas online casino from a start up operation simply looking to scam you? Here are a few tips for protecting yourself:


Location is Everything

For people playing in the UK or Western Europe some of the most popular licensing areas are the Channel Islands, Gibraltar and Malta. These are all well-known, well policed, licensing areas and should protect your rights. Accordingly, if you run into a site that is licensed in Central America (Belize is popular) or Eastern Europe you should proceed with great caution.



Online casinos generally offer a mix of software that you have to download, and software that you don't. It's usually preferable to go with the software that you don't have to download unless you're absolutely certain of the fidelity of the operating company. Most sites advertise their game engines, so a quick Google Search will quickly tell you if the game engine is honest and therefore whether you should play or not.


Avoid the Phone

Sometimes ringing someone is the only way of getting a straight answer, however, unless you're recording the conversation if something goes wrong, you have no way of proving what was said (you can be sure that whoever is on the other end of the line is not going to help you out). Whatever agreements you make over the phone, make sure you also get them in writing.


Keep Copies

If you exchange emails with an operating company, or get involved in a conversation on a live chat system, make sure that you save all conversations or emails in a secure place. The odds are that you'll never need them, but if something unexpected does happen, those emails are your best chance of getting your money back.


If In Doubt...

If there is any doubt at all about a company or site the best advice is to simply avoid them and go somewhere else. There are hundreds of great sites out there with reputable business practices and great customer services, so there's no need to take a punt on one that you're not too sure about. If you have any doubts, make sure you look at some of the widely known industry watchdogs or forums that rate sites. Online gaming is all about fun, so you shouldn't have to worry about anything.


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