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Push or Fold Poker

What exactly is push or fold poker? If youíre not a newbie at the green felt, you probably already know all about it, and you probably feel like itís the sort of game desperate people play. Indeed, push or fold is the best way to try to claw your way back into contention once youíre down to your last handful of chips. Push or fold is basically about simplifying oneís decisions to the extreme, while aiming to take advantage of the fold equity and getting the maximum possible bang out of those last few chips.

How exactly does push and fold strategy work? When a player finds him/herself extremely short-stacked in a tournament, his best shot at doubling up will be to just shove all-in, in a favorable position, preferably against a single, isolated opponent. If he does not go all-in, the player is best off just folding, so basically, thatís what his decision comes down to.

The goals of the push and fold strategy are multiple: first of all, the player is aiming to use his remaining stack to pick up blinds and antes. Indeed, the primary goal of the push and fold is to force opponents to fold, one should never forget that. That is where the fold equity comes from: when he shoves all-in (calling someone elseís all-in doesnít count, obviously), the player secures two ways to take down the pot: he will either win it by forcing his opponent to fold, or the hand will go to showdown and he will win it there. Without the fold equity, heíll only have one way to in it: by winning it straight up at showdown.

The fold and push will achieve another important goal too: it will prevent the player from dropping precious chips through limping and later folding to an opponentís raise.

Last, but certainly not least, the push and fold will make sure that the double-ups of the player will indeed count. Push and fold is best suited for tournament poker through its very nature. It is an extremely beginner-friendly basic strategy move, and it does indeed lend itself well to those playing in freerolls too. Rakemeback has been the top online poker rakeback destination since 2004. Sign up to rakemeback.com and start getting your rake back!


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