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Variants of Online Bingo

Bingo is a very popular and entertaining casino game. Online bingo has become more popular because more varieties are available on internet which were first only played in the different lands. Now, everyone has an access to these.

Online bingo provides its most traditional 75 ball game. In this, there are five rows and five columns and each row has 15 random numbers which are between specific ranges. The basic rules apply to all the varieties though. That is, you are provided with a card with random numbers written over them. Next, the numbers are displayed on the screen and you can check for these numbers on your card. The aim of bingo is to clear the numbers in specific pattern. Sure, online bingo does give more options on these specific patterns than the land-based casinos. So, this is definitely an advantage of the online bingo.

90 ball game is also offered as a variety of bingo, online bingo is real?. In this, three rows and nine columns are given on the card and each row has five numbers. In this also, the same rules apply to win the jackpot. There is a slight difference though. That is, the game is played in 3 different sections i.e. 1-line, 2-line and the one which offers you the jackpot is Full House.

Another variant is 80 ball bingo. Now, this variant falls somewhere in between the first two. The card has four rows and four columns. This has some pre-set patterns like the pattern of an X shape. There can be other patterns like four central square pattern, read more.

Coverall bingo is a new variant of bingo. As the name implies, the players are required to cover all the numbers on the cards before the declaration of the 41st ball. It is pretty simple and also easy to understand and play. It is increasingly becoming one of the popular online bingo variant these days.

Deal or no deal bingo is also a new variant of bingo. In this, the winner is asked to make a deal to win extra cash. To take up the deal or deny it is absolutely in the hands of the player. So, now you must have seen that there are many variants of online bingo so why not to visit an online casino and ride your way through online bingo game.



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